B.E. Stevenson Plumbing & Heating LLC specializes in hydronic heating, a form of heat which uses water or steam to emit heat. With over 17 years of experience, we are skilled and knowledgeable in designing heating systems and trouble-shooting existing heating problems. We are fully trained, experienced and knowledgeable in the wide array of hydronic heating systems, whether they are turn-of-the-century or modern-day heating systems. Should your current heating needs be evaluated, B.E. Stevenson Plumbing & Heating will give you an honest, professional analysis. We will help you cut your fuel bill by improving your current system and increasing your efficiency to over 80% with the installation of a modern boiler. Our efficient systems can reduce your fuel bills while providing years of comfortable heat for your home and family.

Boiler & Indirect Hot Water Tank
Complete hot water boiler and indirect hot water
tank installations and repairs are available.

At. B.E. Stevenson Plumbing & Heating, LLC, we custom design and install hydronic heating systems including:

  • Hot water boiler replacements and repairs;
  • Steam boiler replacements and repairs;
  • Oil/gas conversions;
  • Hot water baseboard systems;
  • Steam to hot water conversions;
  • Radiant heating;
  • Indirect hot water tanks;
  • Hot water heater repairs and installations;
  • Cast iron radiators and convectors;
  • Oil tank installations;
  • Snow-melting systems.
Multiple Zone Heating System
Primary and secondary piping system
with copper baseboard zones, high and low radiant with injection pumps.

Modern technology has improved heating installations. Today's systems are more efficient and cost less to operate. Radiant systems provide comfortable heat but also run at lower temperatures and require less energy to operate. Tekmer indoor/outdoor temperature sensing controls reduce operating costs. Burnham boilers have some of the highest efficiency ratings available and can greatly reduce your fuel bills. Indirect hot water tanks provide the most efficient way of producing high demands of domestic hot water. Bruce E. Stevenson, LLC has the training and experience to install all of the above systems. We look forward to discussing your heating needs and making recommendations to improve your home's heating system.

Radiant Heating
Radiant slab heating installations available.



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